Reynoldsburg Biohazard Cleanup

Our 50-year heritage of expertise and professionalism in the property damage restoration industry is focused in delivering quality service and workmanship in everything we do. Paul Davis has a commitment to customer and client satisfaction that we will demonstrate and prove to you.

The recovery specialists at Paul Davis Licking County, OH are professionally trained to handle property cleanup situations resulting from many different scenarios, including:

• Trauma / biohazard
• Crime scenes
• Death / decomposition
• Unattended death
• Accidental death

In these situations, it is critical that the work is completed to scientific standards using approved techniques. Paul Davis has qualified professionals who are ready to respond to these incidents.

When to Use Paul Davis Licking County, OH

In certain circumstances, a property will be exposed to blood borne pathogens after a death has occurred. The most common situations include but are not limited to: unattended death, accidents, self-inflicted wounds and prolonged mortem. At Paul Davis we have experts that are trained in the removal and cleaning of affected material. We understand the sensitivity of these situations. Our work is done discretely while respecting your privacy.

Commonly Asked Questions About Biohazard Cleanup

“When should I contact Paul Davis?”
As soon as you are able. We understand that this is a difficult time and it is likely that you have never needed our services before. Our professionals can help guide you through the process.

“How much does the service cost?”
In most circumstances, our services are covered under the property’s insurance policy. Paul Davis has experience working with all insurance companies and is a preferred vendor for most carriers. Paul Davis will work directly with your insurance company using an approved pricing program. In the rare case that it is not covered under the property insurance policy, Paul Davis will furnish a free estimate.

“Should I go into the property before calling Paul Davis?”
We strongly recommend that you do not enter the property before Paul Davis has cleared it. Often there are blood born pathogens in the air that could be harmful. Furthermore, it is best to keep all belongings inside the property until Paul Davis has said that it is safe to retrieve such belongings. Paul Davis commits to work quickly in order to clear the property.

“It is Just a small amount of cleanup, can I just do it myself?”
It is highly advisable that you leave these situations to the professionals. A small amount of cleanup can still provide harmful risks. Paul Davis has specialized equipment and chemicals that protect our technicians from being exposed to possible blood borne pathogens. If the cleanup is not done properly, there is a risk of exposing others.

“Can I have Paul Davis look at the property before hiring them?”
Absolutely. It is always best to be cautious and to get a professional opinion. We are here to serve our community during their time of need and available to provide a no obligation assessment. Paul Davis can guide you through the next steps after a thorough property inspection.

Insurance Reporting Guide

Paul Davis is here to assist you through the insurance process. We are approved and will work with all insurance carriers by preparing the required documentation and billing information.
We have a team that is dedicated to helping you navigate the insurance process. Our specialists can assist in locating insurance carrier and policy information. Below you will find questions that may be asked by the insurance company when reporting a claim.

  • Address of the property
  • Policy number
  • Name on the insurance policy
  • What happened
  • Who is the primary contact